I wish I was a cool musician….

I’ve been performing with UUU for a LONG time.  Longer than most people even realize.
And this band, like it or not, has always been a Party Band.  Sure, it started off during the re-birth of Disco back in the mid 90’s, but the vibe of this band, regardless of the members has always been about the audience having FUN.

Throughout the years, I have occasionally come across the “hater” out there.  The guy who hates what I play, or hates that his girlfriend likes the band.  But most often, the person with the negative comment is usually a  “musician”.

I don’t go out to see other bands.  I have played shows with other bands, or come across them in my travels, but I don’t actively go out and see other bands.  Why?  Because I don’t care what other bands are doing.

If you are band that wants to play music that YOU like, or music that your friends like, by all means do so.  If you are band that wants to write original music and try to make it big, that’s great.

While I have never had the aspiration to be an original artist, I have been in bands where we played music that we really liked and I had a great time doing that.

But along the way I learned a few valuable lessons.  First and foremost, I put a lot of time into what I do.  Whether it’s learning songs, buying gear, traveling, web design, posters, promotional materials or spending money at the doctor to make sure I could make it through a show when most people would stay home in bed.  So at the end of the night, I like to be compensated for what I have put into a show.
If you were to go to work every day, do a good job, and at the end of the week you didn’t get paid would you stay at your job?  I used to rehearse 3 nights a week.  Then spend an hour driving to a show, setting up, playing until 2am.  And after everyone got their due, I walked out with less than $30 (often much less or nothing at all).  Did I have a good time?  Yes I did.  Did I play music that I liked?  Yes I did.  Was I compensated for the time I put into it?  No I was not.

I have also learned that musicians are the most egotistical, insecure people in the universe.  They walk around pretending that they are the “best around”.  When in fact, they just want to be loved and have people stroke their fragile ego.  I have no tolerance for that.  If you can’t admit to your shortcomings, I stop listening to you the second you open your mouth.

So to all the “musicians” out there who love to hate, I have the following words of advice.
Be true to who you are.  If you are an original band…be the best you can be.  If you are band that wants to play straight up Alternative Rock, buy a 7 string guitar and rock out.  If you want to grab a Taylor guitar, and play 3 hours of Dave Matthews songs, be that person.
If you don’t like the music that UUU plays, that’s ok.  I don’t drive around listening to the songs UUU plays  in the car all day long.  You don’t have to come to a UUU show.  You don’t have to visit our website, or look at our photos and posts on Facebook.

But most of all, if you want to play the better venues.  If you want to be compensated when you perform.  If you want to play shows for more than 20 of your friends.
BE BETTER.  Fact is, you just aren’t that good………