Growing up, I always had a dog in my life (usually several!), but for a long time, it was just me and my collection of kitties.  February of 2013, that all changed.

A road trip to Lancaster, PA and the runt of the litter made her way into my home.  And from that point forward, my life has been upside down.

Kendall Grace was born December 3, 2012.
She was the cutest Yellow Lab puppy I had ever seen!  We immediately headed to the Pet Store for grooming (and a shopping spree).

My only request was that no matter now much she wanted to be in the BED, or how loud she cried and whined, that she never slept on the bed.
That lasted ONE day.





Here are some of Kendall’s favorite activities:

  • destroying every toy she can get in her mouth
  • liking my face to wake me up in the morning
  • barking at me while I am working because she wants to play
  • figuring out a way to get to the dog that lives next door
  • and taking ME for walks


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