Never really sure what to write for one of these pages. Mostly because I really don’t find my life to be exciting, and certainly nothing worth reading about….

Here are some of the details…..

I have been the lead singer for the band UUU for the last 14 years. We don’t play 300+ shows a year these days, but we still play a lot of shows. You can get all the information at www.uuuband.com. When I feel like I need to play some music, and UUU is not playing, I grab the acoustic guitar, and head out on my own. Sometimes, I play alone, and sometimes I bring a partner along. It doesn’t happen very often though…

When I need a break from playing, I do some work for Woodloch Resort, in Hawley, PA. Web design, audio and video editing. Mostly technical stuff…..

I have become a computer geek over the years…and I usually get a new computer every 6 months (I have a shopping problem). I like cell phones, ipods….electronics in general. I like to play sports….hockey, golf, softball….

As for anyone with “romantic” ideas…..let’s just make this easy: I’m not available. My heart is officially spoken for. So that’s about it………

anything else you want to know, just ask. You can drop me an email, or grab me at a show.

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